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When your dog has become lost, getting information out to as many people and places as you can is one of the most important things you can do. Below are some tips on creating a well-designed flyer.

At the top of the page: In big, bold, capital letters put “Lost Dog” – Use the whole line from right to left.

Use a good, clear, color photo of your dog: Use a photo that shows any unique markings such as the color of the feet, chest, tail, face, length of coat and proper size. The photo should be the largest item on the page. Make sure that no other animals in the photo. It is too confusing to figure out which pet is lost.

Basic description: Under the photo put a basic description of your dog. For example, put the coat color and length, their weight, breed type and anything else to help somebody identify your pet.

Location and Date Lost: Include the street name and closest intersection, city and any information around confirmed sightings. Also put the date your dog was lost.

Phone number: Put a phone number that you can answer 24 hours a day. Make sure you put a note on the flyer that people can call 24 hours a day with any information at all.

Computer or handwritten: It’s always better to use a computer and a basic word processor to create your lost pet flyer rather than handwriting your flyer as its easier to read. Additionally, computer generated flyers appear more professional and authentic to people who are reading it.

Use a full size sheet of 8-1/2 x 11 piece of paper: You want the flyer to be as large as possible, yet still easy to create and economical since you may be printing up hundreds of copies.
Use only white paper: Do not use any colored paper since this will distort your pet’s photo and make your pet appear the color of the paper.
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