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File a Dog Sighting ReportGood Samaritans like you are critical in helping reuniting our lost four-legged friends with their families.

If you have spotted a dog wandering about and were unable to catch it, we encourage you to fill out a dog sighting report with Lost Dogs MN with as much information as you can remember.

Once you complete the form, we’ll post the provided information to our Facebook page for all of our fans to see. It is our hope that by sharing the information with our community, the dog will be reunited with their family. We offer this service absolutely free.

Click here to complete your dog sighting report.


Notice of Privacy

Please be informed that by filing a sighting report with Lost Dogs Minnesota, you are giving your consent to make certain private information available for public viewing. This would include photo, name, phone number and/or email address. Please be advised that Lost Dogs Minnesota is requesting this information in order to help facilitate the recovery of your sighted dog by communicating your contact information to our Facebook page or website. Note: Any advice or suggestion made by Lost Dogs Minnesota is not paid-for professional advice and should be taken at owner’s discretion.