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Here are some tips on locating your deaf doggie (from a deaf doggie mommy/volunteer):

When filling out the lost dog form, provide information on signs your dog knows and responds to. You can find pictures of signs online or ask LDMN and they can contact one of our volunteers that has experience with deaf dogs and we can find the sign for you. Advise to smile when approaching the dog-they love that!

Advise not to chase your deaf dog, as they often find this scary, and may run.

If they locate the dog and he/she is sleeping, advise to gently tap the dog to wake him up or provide some treats and hold near his nose, so as to not startle him.

As we know, deaf dogs are very treat/food motivated-set out some of your “smelly” clothes outside of your home. Set out some good wet food and/or treats.

At night, take shifts with a flashlight or strobe light in the area of your house. If you have an outside light you can use it like a strobe.

If you haven’t already, plan for a possible next time and be sure to have a tag on your dog that alerts others that he is deaf. Let neighbors know that your dog is deaf and that he will not respond to verbal commands. If possible, microchip him.

Be patient and know that deaf dogs have a great sense of direction, thanks to our ultra-sensitive sense of smell!

Best Wishes,