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File a Lost Dog Report

When your beloved dog wanders from home, it can be a traumatic experience for both of you. It’s our goal to help reunite you as fast as possible. If you have not already notified your local police department we recommend doing so.  Check out our Lost Dog Action Plan for more tips and ideas.

Additionally, we recommend filing a Lost Dog Report with Lost Dogs-MN. Once you compete the form, we’ll post the provided information to our Facebook page for all of our fans to see. It is our hope that by sharing your lost dog with our community, our fans will keep an eye out for your dog, and reunite you even faster! We offer this service absolutely free so you have nothing to lose.

Click here to complete your lost dog report now.

We are dog owners, and we understand the worry and stress you feel when you have a lost your dog. Dogs are part of the family and help encourage you. They are constant companions, and when suddenly they are missing, it’s easy to panic and become instantly overwhelmed. We are here to help.

What happened to my dog?

The majority of Lost Dogs reported fall into one of three categories:

  • The lost dog is still out there – These are the lost, confused, shy dogs that are living on their own. They may live out indefinitely. Or they may end up at a farm or eventually be captured and kept; rehomed or taken to a shelter or animal control facility; perhaps months or even years after they went missing. They may be very close to where they went missing from or they may have travelled far and wide, looking for food.
  • The lost dog was picked up by an animal control officer or Good Samaritan and taken to an animal control facility, shelter or rescue. They may have been adopted out or euthanized after the official stray hold period has passed.
  • The lost dog has been kept or rehomed by a Good Samaritan who either did not know that it is illegal to keep an animal you have found; or were reluctant to take the dog to a shelter. These people may have initially tried to find the owner on their own.

Knowing these three outcomes can help you tailor your search, although you always want to make sure you have covered all the bases. If your dog was a friendly small dog; it is very likely that he has fallen into the third category. If he is a friendly large dog; you may want to concentrate your efforts on number two. If he was a shy or wary dog, he is probably in category one, evading people and using all of his instincts to find food and shelter to stay alive.

Never give up hope. Lost dogs can be recovered weeks, months and even years after they have gone missing. Your dog is depending on you to find him.  Check out our Long Term Action Plan if your dog has been gone more then 30 days.


Notice of Privacy

Please be informed that by filing a lost dog report with Lost Dogs Minnesota, you are giving your consent to make certain private information available for public viewing. This would include photo, name, phone number and/or email address. Please be advised that Lost Dogs Minnesota is requesting this information in order to help facilitate the recovery of your missing dog by communicating your contact information to our Facebook page or website.

Note:  Any advice or suggestion made by Lost Dogs Minnesota is not paid-for professional advice and should be taken at owner’s discretion.