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Helpful Tips for Lost and Found Dogs

There are many ideas in these tips that will help you get your dog home. Please take the time to read and implement these tips. Paws crossed.

Make Sure to Microchip

Remember to update your pup’s tags if you move or change phone numbers! Thanks to Lost Dogs Arizona!
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Take Freshly Groomed Photos of Your Dog

Be sure to take photos of your dog freshly groomed, before he’s had a haircut and in-between! Dogs can look very different with long or short hair and someone who saw your lost post may not realize the pup with long hair that they found is your dog!Art by: @ArtByGaryMitchell on Instagram
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Make Your Lost Dog Signs

Check out your local dollar store for inexpensive supplies to make brightly colored signs for your missing dog. Remember that not everyone has a computer, a smart phone or the internet. Big, neon-colored signs will grab their attention and alert them about your missing dog. Here is an article from Lost Dogs Illinois that gives […]
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How To Secure A Dog With No Collar

Our thanks to Lost Dogs Minnesota doggie volunteer Lilly for this helpful tip! Please be safe and use gloves to avoid being bitten by a skittish dog when using this method.
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Dogs Lost a Few Days

Our thanks to Lost Dogs of America for this tip! Dogs that have been missing for a few days and are still not home will now be starting to look for reliable food sources (usually in the early morning, late afternoon or evening). Make sure you leave smelly food (like canned cat food), water, your […]
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Spring Into Action to Keep Your Dog Safe

With our nice warm weather, be sure to get out in your yard and check your fence for weak areas that may need repair. Also be sure to check your pet's tags and make sure they are accurate and easy to read.
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Where to Flyer

Check out this tip from Lost Dogs of America In our experience, lost dogs do not want to live deep in the woods. They prefer to lurk on the edge of civilization, near food sources. In hot weather, they will need a reliable source of water. (In winter, they will eat snow). They need a […]
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Watch for Tracks in the Snow

Snow is very helpful when your dog is missing!
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Beware of Thin Ice

With the recent warm weather and rain, the ice may not be safe. Be sure to keep your pet on leash in order to keep him safe.
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Always check your gate

Dogs frequently go missing when a gate is left open by a contractor, meter reader, delivery person, family member or friend. Don't let it happen to you!
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