O: Impounds from cities in Minnesota that start with a O

Impounds from Minnesota Cities starting with a O

This is a list of impounds by city.  If you have found a dog and don't know what to do with him, this is a good place to start contacting for help.  Alternatively if you have lost a dog, this is a great place to start calling to see if they have picked up your dog.

If your impound is not currently listed with us or your contact information is not correct please fill out our LDMN Facilities Form with the appropriate information from your official email address associated with your impound, please include contact information and we will confirm and update this record.

City Impound Impound Phone Police Phone
Oak Grove Dover Kennel Animal and Impound Services 763-434-7332 763-404-7000
Oak Park Heights Animal Humane Society – Woodbury  651-730-6008 651-439-9381
Oakdale Animal Humane Society – Woodbury  651-730-6008 651-439-9381
Orono Crossroads Animal Shelter 763-684-1234 952-249-4600
Osseo  No pick up None 763-424-5444