Where to Flyer

Check out this tip from Lost Dogs of America

In our experience, lost dogs do not want to live deep in the woods. They prefer to lurk on the edge of civilization, near food sources. In hot weather, they will need a reliable source of water. (In winter, they will eat snow). They need a quiet place to hunker down during the day with an easy path to travel at dusk and dawn, when they are likely to be moving about for food and water.

Concentrate your flyering on places like this:

*Houses that back onto wooded areas or parks
*Tall grass or marshy areas
*Golf courses
*Campgrounds and Picnic areas
*Sporting fields
*Industrial parks and abandoned factories
*Quiet cul de sacs
*Decks, old cars, old machinery, boats – especially with overgrown grass
*Untidy yards and farm yards
*Abandoned barns and sheds
*Wooded areas behind restaurants, bars, grocery stores and convenience stores – anywhere food is sold or served
*Anywhere that outdoor cats are being fed

For more tips visit Www.lostdogsofamerica.org

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