S: Impounds from cities in Minnesota that start with a S

Impounds from Minnesota Cities starting with a S

This is a list of impounds by city.  If you have found a dog and don't know what to do with him, this is a good place to start contacting for help.  Alternatively if you have lost a dog, this is a great place to start calling to see if they have picked up your dog.

If your impound is not currently listed with us or your contact information is not correct please fill out our LDMN Facilities Form with the appropriate information from your official email address associated with your impound, please include contact information and we will confirm and update this record.

City Impound Impound Phone Police Phone
St. Anthony Apache Animal Hospital 612-781-2734  612-782-3350
St. Bonifacius Crossroads Animal Shelter 763-684-1234  952-446-1061
St. Francis Tammy Gimpl    763-413-1897 763-427-1212
St. Louis Park Oak Knoll Animal Hospital  952-929-0074  952-924-2618
St. Mary's Point Animal Humane Society – Woodbury 651-730-6008 651-439-9381
St. Michael Monticello Animal Control 763-295-3808  763-497-2041
St. Paul  St. Paul Animal Control 651-266-1100 651-291-1100
St. Paul Park  South St Paul Animal Hospital 651-455-5897 651-439-9381
Savage Four Paws Animal Control  952-894-9065 952-882-2600
Scandia  Hillcrest Animal Hospital 651-484-7211  651-439-9381
Shakopee Four Paws Animal Control 952-894-9065  952-233-9400
Shoreview Hillcrest Animal Hospital 651-484-7211  651-484-3366
·Shorewood South Lake Minnetonka PD 952-474-3261  952-960-7900
South St. Paul South St Paul Animal Hospital 651-455-5897  651-322-2323
Spring Lake Park Dover Kennel Animal and Impound Services   763-434-7332 763-792-7200
Spring Park  Crossroads Animal Shelter 763-684-1234 952-471-9051
Stacy No Impound or Pickup   651-462-4486
Stillwater  Animal Humane Society – Woodbury 651-730-6008 651-439-9381
Stillwater Township Hillcrest Animal Hospital 651-484-7211  651-439-9381